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12’ Pendant overall length i.e / Surge Suppressor (1”x6’) with 5/8x6’ Dyneema Bridle

Our Ultimate Mooring Pendant consists of two distinct attributes:
 1. Elongation of pendant line underload
 2. Abrasion resistance of line

IMS Ultimate Mooring Pendant exceeds in both areas. The Surge Suppressor will almost stretch 100% of its’ length under extreme loading while the bridle’s made of Dyneema, a fiber that is said to be 10 times more abrasion resistant than polyester.

If you need a mooring pendant that will greatly mitigate the adverse effects of a storm surge or a long fetch, or just want the security of having a mooring pendant that can withstand the elements, then you should consider an IMS Ultimate Mooring Pendant.

Dyneema is available in various sizes and lenghts. Color may vary depending on manufacturer.