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Dampening ..... Dampening ..... Dampening

If your mooring is subjected to a lengthy fetch or high seas you may want to consider adding our IMS Surge Suppressor to your system. While thousands of elastic down lines are in use today, IMS has taken that proven product and modified it for use above the water line

It is generally agreed that there are two main reasons boats come ashore during storms. The first is chafe of the mooring pendant(s) and secondly, failure of the mooring system due to storm surge lifting the anchor off the bottom.

IMS is offering three unique surge suppressors. These pendanst will greatly mitigate the adverse effects of storm/wave surge. Our surge suppressor is a shock absorbing pendant that utilizes multi strand industrial rubber woven onto a 16/8 braided polyester rope.

If your mooring system could utilize additional dampening, this is one of the most cost effective methods we know of.

Due to the potential of rotational torquing of the rubber filiments, a swivel is required between the mooring buoy and the surge suppressor.